As libraries are called to provide a wider variety of services, focusing on what matters most is more important than ever. Meeting current and future community needs for library services is a challenging and worthwhile task that ensures staying true to core values of access to information, lifelong learning, inspiration and enrichment for people of all ages.



LibraryIQ experts identify community needs and collaborate with library stakeholders to create a strategic plan that ensures library and community vitality. The LibraryIQ methodology is data-driven, research-based, collaborative and iterative. Expert professionals work with all library stakeholders to develop plans that articulate vision, mission and goals — the “why” — and provide a road map for strategy, technology, staffing and facilities — the “how”. Strategic plans are informed by a review of the region’s projected growth (industrial, commercial and residential) and demographics. The powerful combination of critical data and insights with LibraryIQ experts deep understanding of future library trends and emerging technologies shape a vision and road map for future success.

The true value of strategic planning lies in execution — taking action to achieve goals. LibraryIQ strategic plans put libraries in a strong position to define and execute on library innovation.