Combine the power of analytics with expert analysis to optimize selection, boost circulation and energize patrons with a comprehensive collection management plan. Library experts use critical data and identify actionable insights to develop a plan, track metrics and review performance for measurable improvement.



Performance Analytics

Improve overall collection health and ensure community needs are met with real-time data to identify collection codes that circulate best, where to augment and where to contract. Track expenses along with collection performance to make informed decisions about budget allocations.

LibraryIQ Portal Access

Access real-time data on collection performance via web portal with tools to streamline collection management. Instantly analyze collection performance by patron type, material type (including digital, databases and periodicals), collection code, Dewey or BISAC. Compare collections across branches, other libraries and retail bookstores to identify popular titles and reallocate materials as needed. Quickly see which collection codes to expand or contract and identify dead on arrival titles. Access to up-to-date acquisition information, including titles on order and received, invoices and fund reports enables tracking alongside collection performance.

Annual Collection Management Plan with Targets

Tracking performance data, identifying actionable insights and developing a collection management plan for measurable improvement is a collaborative effort. LibraryIQ professionals work closely with library staff to set specific goals and key actions to achieve positive outcomes.

Quarterly Status Reports

Quarterly status reviews examine progress and identify necessary modifications to ensure successful execution and attainment of goals.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Onsite physical evaluation of materials including condition, arrangement, shelving, free space and merchandising, as well as in-library marketing. Review of process, policies, budgets, vendor contracts and all variables impacting collection optimization. Leverage recommendations from library experts to improve efficacy and efficiency of collection management efforts. As part of Comprehensive Evaluation, all Collection Performance Monitoring & Planning services are included.

Review Collection Management Processes

Interviews with staff and evaluation of selection, acquisition and catalog processes, collection development and circulation policies and budgets, vendor contracts and pricing resulting in comprehensive evaluation.

Onsite Presentation of Evaluation Findings

Presentation of insights uncovered, proposed actions and plan for optimizing collections and collection management.