Until now, collection management has been expensive and time intensive, reducing library staff’s ability to serve patrons. By partnering with a team of collection experts and leveraging state of the art acquisition and selection systems, it is much easier to manage acquisitions, cataloging, processing and selection. Maintain complete authority control without the burden of record maintenance and process materials according to specification. Maximize budget and offer more titles with lower processing costs and larger vendor discounts, freeing staff to process local collections and provide patron-facing service.  



Acquisition, Cataloging and Processing

Select materials/titles to be added to the catalog without the administrative burden, while focusing on patron and community service. Service includes:

• Acquisitions System - Improve efficiency with electronic ordering, receiving and invoicing information.

• Manage Library Catalog - Full management of catalog including RDA compliant bibliographic and item records, loading and updating on-order records, and adding records for materials not purchased through library vendors (ex: donations, self-published authors, locally purchased materials). Monitoring catalog integrity for duplicate, erroneous and sub-standard records.

• Full Catalog Authority Control - Complete subject authority control of all records added and/or name and heading revisions made to existing collection.

• Realtime Online Invoice and Budget Reporting - Web accessible data includes vendor accounts, budgets, titles on-order, titles invoices, encumbrances and remaining balances.

• Vendor and Processing Discounts - Leverage significant discounts across all major library vendors.


Collection experts with decades of experience are available to select any individual segment/category or the entire collection. All services including Selection, Acquisition, Cataloging and Processing are included. The process begins with profiling the current collection, assessing community needs and discussing staff preferences. Available as an ongoing or temporary service, expert selectors choose titles across all major library vendors to align with local community needs.

Select Library Materials

Driven by a collaborative collection management plan and real-time performance data, selection includes all materials from print to database, audio, AV, eResources, periodicals, etc. Ensure performance targets are met and budget is spent effectively.

Manage Collection Budget

Initial and annual onsite collaborative sessions with library staff to review collection performance, develop plans and allocate budget. Real time, title-level monitoring of materials purchased, encumbered and invoiced.

LibraryIQ Portal Access

Access real-time data on collection performance via web portal with tools to streamline collection management. Instantly analyze collection performance by patron type, material type (including digital, databases and periodicals), collection code, Dewey or BISAC. Compare collections across branches, other libraries and retail bookstores to identify popular titles and reallocate materials as needed. Quickly see which collection codes to expand or contract and identify dead on arrival titles. Access to up-to-date acquisition information, including titles on order and received, invoices and fund reports enables tracking alongside collection performance.